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About Me : Jeff opened the door to the backstage area and Lin followed him through the maze of set dressing. Without an active show going on, and the opening night for the musical still two weeks away, the theater was unoccupied for the night. Lin went carefully down the steps to the orchestra practice rooms and giggled when she heard the much taller man curse. “What happened?” she asked. “Clipped my fucking head is what happened.” The stout doorway wasn’t made for someone over two meters tall. “Do you want me to kiss it and make it better?” She waited for him in the near-pitch black at the base of the stairs. It wasn’t all she wanted to kiss. “Thanks, love,” he said with a chuckle. “Maybe when we're done here" Bright light sprang from his cell phone’s flashlight. Music stands and the few instruments strewn about made for tricky footing. “Remind me what was so important that we had to come by this stupid place before we finish our date?” Lin was impatient to get onto the next phase of their evening, namely shagging each other’s brains out. “I told you, I need to take my revenge. Then we can go to your place.” She could see the shadow of his grin at the edge of the phone’s bright LED halo. “Don't worry, I’m almost as eager as you are.” She wagged her finger up at the face a half meter above her. “If you’re so eager, why do you have time to play a silly school boy’s game?” Her voice echoed out in the hollow space around them. “Shh.” Jeff put his finger to his lips. They were both more than a little drunk. “We get caught here and I’ll get my lips ripped off by his lordship.” Lin pouted. She didn’t like being shushed or told what to do. “Can’t have that. Those lips are too clever by half.” They moved from the practice rooms into the orchestra pit. The curved seating area was less cluttered but no less crowded with chairs and music stands in addition to the percussion instruments left in place. “You sure you need this?” “I owe the guy some payback. Now’s the time to get it. Come on, he leaves his stupid good luck charm on his music stand.” A chair leg scraping across the floor cried out as he bumped into it. “Fuck me.” “Are you talking to me or to the chair?” If she didn’t get laid soon her cunt would catch on fire. He chuckled, his eyebrow raised. “The chair, though if you fancy a shag, we can have one here.“ The tone of his voice was flirty. “We might get caught, but it could be worth it.” Fuck here? Lin thought. In the pit? She’d never had sex in a public place before. Now, the idea it could happen here tonight made her blood boil right over. She felt under the hem of her dress. Her knickers were already damp to the touch. Lin watched Jeff's lanky shadow from where she stood. She’d always been attracted to tall, slender men. Especially when they were thought-provoking artists and musicians. As the glow of his phone slipped behind the timpani, the darkness wrapped a little more snugly around her and she was emboldened by its embrace. She slipped out of her soaked knickers and balled up the whisper of lace into her fist. The fingers of her free hand teased the hollow of her thigh and her thoughts drifted to the idea of his expert lips and tongue, trained by years of flute playing, exploring every part of her body. “Got it!” Jeff's triumphant exclamation pulled her from her lustful reverie, but her wandering hand stayed in place, brushing her clit. He snatched the plastic geegaw Mandeep kept on his stand and then turned to look in Lin’s direction. “Ready?” “So ready,” she purred. Her fingers slipped into her cunt as Jeff made his way through the darkness back to her. She held her fist up to him and opened her palm. His light flashed on her and he saw the balled up underwear she offered for his appraisal. “God, woman, you’re horny as fuck.” He took her hand and kissed her knuckles. “I love it.” While Jeff admired her offering, Lin sat down in a chair next to them. “The hell are you…” He stopped when she reached out to unbuckle his belt. “Appetizer.” She ran her hands up and down his legs enjoying the feel of muscular legs and a tight ass. “I don’t think I can wait for dinner.” Her hands moved around to his front to feel how hard his cock was through the expensive jeans. The sound of the zipper would have been audible in the fourth row. She imagined the auditorium filled with people as she worked his smooth length out through the toothed slit. “Easy, love.” He put a hand on her shoulder and tucked the phone in his pocket with his other hand. She looked up at him and batted her eyes in spite of the total darkness. “No, and I’m not cheap either.” When she kissed the tip of his glans, the sticky fluid adhered to her lips and his heady arousal filled her nose. She licked her lips clean and as she took the whole head in her mouth, a soft moan escaped through her nose. Long, flautist fingers gripped the shoulders of her dress. “This is worth whatever it takes.” “God, you taste amazing.” He smelled just as good as he tasted. His clean, sharp masculine scent - with a hint of sandalwood - mingled harmoniously with the aromas of oil, wood, and metal stirring in the pit. She loved the way he filled her mouth and couldn’t wait to feel it in her pussy. She moaned at the thought, sending a high pitched trill that vibrated from her tongue to his cock. “Oh fuck, just like that.” Jeff squeezed her shoulder hard and tipped his head back. He slid one hand down the front of her dress and long fingers spread over her perky tit. As his hand slid down her body, she grasped him by the base of his cock and took him out of her mouth, slurping at the thin stream of pre-cum. She worked the spit up and down the length of him as she looked up and said, “I want to feel your hands on my skin” She heard him shiver at the cool air on his wet skin when she let him go. Then she stood and turned, offering her back to him. “Unzip me?” “My pleasure.” He unzipped her dress and slid it from her angular shoulder blades. As the dress fell toward the floor, he followed it down. He kissed his way down her spine to the top of the cleft in her ass. As he did, his agile, able hands stroked her breasts and belly. Lin worked the bra clasp open while he made his way down. With her tits free, she tweaked her nipples with both hands. Jeff followed the curve of her round ass with his tongue and breathed her in. His long fingers danced across her mound until his hands found the crook of her waist and wrapped around her midsection to bend her over. Resting her hands on the chair, he folded over with her. “My turn to taste you,” he whispered in her ear. Then he squatted down behind her and nestled his nose between her cheeks. Her gasps turned to a low groan as his tongue snaked its way to her puckered hole. The idea alone of his mouth down there was enough to make a tingle rush through her; the reality was another thing altogether. When he spread her open and worked his tongue in, all thoughts fled. Her eyes rolled back and she held herself up with one hand on the chair back while her other returned to her right nipple. “Yes, Jeff, oh god, that’s so good. Eat me!” While he ran his tongue around the tight whorl, he slid his thumb into her waiting cunt where hairless lips spread open to take him into molten depths. She pushed against the intrusion and tried whispering endearments. All that came out were nonsensical snatches of Chinese and English syllables. Without warning, Jeff abandoned her. Just as suddenly, he drew her down onto the floor and clapped a hand over her mouth. Lin’s head spun at the sudden change in orientation. She was about to complain about the interruption and ask what was going on when Jeff whispered again. “Someone’s coming.” The smell of her sex on his hand, his clothed body, and even more erect penis touching her back did nothing to make her want to be quiet. The idea of someone watching them or catching them made her head spin. She licked playfully at his palm. “What are you…” he whispered in her ear. When she rubbed her ass up and down against him, he hissed, “Stop it.” She shook her head. Her body was so ready. She didn’t want to stop. “Fuck me,” she whispered against his palm and licked it again. “Jeff, please, fuck me.” “Shh!” Jeff hissed again. “Jeff, if you don’t fill me up right now, I’ll go find a drumstick and do it myself.” Lin pulled away from his grasp and stood. Or maybe I can tie him up, she thought. Now there's an idea...There has to be some gaffer tape around here somewhere. Jeff stood up behind her. “Fine. You want me to fuck you? Okay, but remember this if we get sacked.” Quiet as he could, he eased her knees onto the seat of a chair and bent her over the covered marimba. As wet as she was, her tiny form still made the angle anything but ideal. Still, he managed to slide the head of his cock into her waiting slit. He moved tenderly, easing just the first couple of inches in and out. The teasing was delicious. She was just so damned tight. The echoes from above them now made her certain that someone was walking around on stage; the thrill of getting caught made it even harder for her to control herself. She wanted to scream his name. Fuck the consequences. But she held her tongue when an awkward humming sound came from above. She recognized it as a song from their upcoming musical, but the person singing couldn’t carry a tune. Lin pushed herself back against Jeff’s length and hissed through her teeth. He took the encouragement and kept going until he met resistance. She wasn’t able to take him in all the way, he was so damned big. He slid almost his entire length out, stopping before the crown left its new home. Then he slid back in as slowly as he could manage. Her grin broadened at how good it felt regardless of her inability to accommodate him fully. She bit the inside of her cheek to keep from crying out. Then she slid her hand down between her legs until she found his shaft. She traced her long nails along the underside of his cock. As he slid back into her she could feel his bulging sac brush her fingers. “What are you doing?” the voice rang out from above. Sunk as far as he could into her depths, Jeff froze and they both held their breath. Lin looked up but there was no light on them. It would be hard for anyone to see them from wherever the person stood, but sound can do strange things in the dark and this theater’s acoustics were impressive. “No, don’t shoot.” The line was delivered without any real weight. Lin recognized the line as one from the script, as well as the voice running it. “Blair,” she whispered. The understudy for the lead. Jeff nodded. She’d heard that Blair would sometimes come in at odd hours to run lines he’d never perform. Even if he discovered them, it wouldn’t lead to any problems. No one liked him. Satisfied they were still safe, Jeff began moving slowly inside her again while the man above reenacted the entire scene, playing all of the parts. Lin stroked her clit to the beat of Jeff’s new rhythm. To stifle the high pitched staccato whimper that escaped each time his cock’s head hit the base of her womb, she bit the heel of her free hand. The tempo of the grunts and her stroking rose in tandem while Jeff’s raspy breathing performed a counterpoint to her muffled notes. When Lin’s pussy contracted against him, his pace grew frantic. As her own orgasm began, Jeff gripped her hips like a vice. The feeling of complete fullness enhanced every contraction, her cunt walls squeezing and milking him every time he pulled back until her hand fell away from her clit and she just held on to the marimba for dear life. She’d never been fucked this hard and fast before. As his cock filled her with a series of spurts, her stomach muscles fluttered and her eyes rolled back into her head. Her second orgasm hit her like a race car. Starbursts filled her vision while the muscles in her ass and legs tensed and released. Her left foot started to spasm, tapping against the concrete of the floor like a drumroll. She couldn’t keep quiet any longer. If the actor above them was still running his lines, she'd never know. The crescendo of her cries of pleasure spilled from her lips in a torrent. Jeff kept slipping in and out of her cunt as the quivering contractions slowed at the culmination of their private symphony. Finally, he pulled out, a long streamer of fluid joining them for a moment, and he slumped to the ground. Lin got down from the chair and crawled towards him on all fours. While she was mostly satisfied, she wasn’t done. Her whole body felt just as sensitive as her clit. Out of curiosity mixed with a desire to reward Jeff, she wanted to see what she tasted like mixed with his cum. With long delicate strokes of her tongue, she cleaned his softening length of all the fluids she could find. The feather-light touches elicited a deep groan from Jeff. When she took his wilted instrument in her mouth in its entirety, moaning around it, he stroked her hair. “Let’s finish this at my flat.” She shook her head violently and whispered, “I can’t put my underwear on unless you clean me up.” She turned and presented her backside to him. Jeff chuckled and got onto his knees. Beginning with the backs of her thighs, his broad, flat tongue lapped up their mingled juices. From her vantage point, she could see the edge of the stage and could swear a new shadow was visible. Was Blair watching them? The idea made her stomach tighten and her pussy clench. If so, she’d give him a show he’d remember. As Jeff got closer and closer to her cunt, she could feel another orgasm boiling up. Freed of the desire to keep quiet, she began describing just how amazing Jeff’s tongue felt in her native language. Her Mandarin song changed key, the pitch climbing higher and higher up the scale as Jeff moved from her sopping engorged slit to her perineum and finally to the tender flesh between her cheeks. His tongue found its home there for the second time that night. She pulled the firm globes of her ass apart, allowing him better access. The strong, well-trained muscle wormed and swirled inside her while his long and nimble fingers alternately played her clit and found her g-spot. His flute would never make music as sweet as the gloriously nonsensical phrases that fell from her lips that night. She came again and again and only the strong hands cupping her breast and stomach kept her from falling over. As they came to a close, she could hear a soft slapping echoing out overhead. As the fog of her orgasm began to clear, the percussive sound was overcome by the telltale grunts of someone nearing their own completion. Smiling, she relaxed back into the embrace of her man. “It seems we inspired an ovation.” Jeff laughed, the perfume of her arousal on his breath. “Maybe we can play an encore at my flat.”

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