PC vs MAC Transformers Battle 05:28

PC vs MAC Transformers Battle

by astro_fanatic
3451 views, 5413 days ago

Inspired by Transformers, this short Visual Effects piece shows us what really goes on inside our home computers ... that's right, they're robots, and they wanna beat the f#!@ out of each other. <...

fireworks moncton july 2007 00:15

fireworks moncton july 2007

by roly139
2872 views, 5698 days ago

fireworks display

Clone High - Rasin the Stakes (S01E09) 20:00

Clone High - Rasin the Stakes (S01E09)

by bcmoney
4005 views, 5690 days ago

In this hillarious episode of Clone High, there are constant satirical references to subliminal messaging and the failure of anti-drug campaigns is thoroughly mocked. It is discovered that smoking ...

What Else Can They Put on your Cellphone? 01:52

What Else Can They Put on your Cellphone?

by bcmoney
3056 views, 5680 days ago

Mobile devices are pushing the limits of technological boundaries, and perhaps even sanity.

Hitler Gets Banned (His Ultimate Downfall) 03:49

Hitler Gets Banned (His Ultimate Downfall)

by bcmoney
3566 views, 5676 days ago

This is the story of Hitlers Downfall, his final defeat against Microsoft has now pushed him over the edge. The Original movie was called:

--> Downfall (English) --> Der Untergang ...

Giant NES controller coffee table 02:33

Giant NES controller coffee table

by bryan
3305 views, 5671 days ago

Check out the detailed description of how khdownes1 made this (as well as other video game related projects) here: http://ultra-awesome.blogspot.com/ "A while ago I decided I was running out of ...

The New Driver's Seat - Smart Car vs. Hummer 03:57

The New Driver's Seat - Smart Car vs. Hummer

by dick
2717 views, 5665 days ago

The New Driver's Seat correspondents Andrew Comrie-Picard and Jen Horsey try to fit as much furniture in a Smart Car as in a Hummer. The biggest names in the automotive scene join forces with ex...

Smart Car crash test 05:39

Smart Car crash test

by dick
3129 views, 5665 days ago

crashing a smart car to test occupant and frame survivability. The smartcar survives a 70+mph head-on collision and moves a 20-ton brick wall.

Microsoft Photosynth Prototype 06:40

Microsoft Photosynth Prototype

by bryan
3350 views, 5645 days ago

This is an amazing piece of technology, presented at a TED conference. I really can't explain it better than the video, so just enjoy ! Looks like the future certainly is digital, if Microsoft has ...

Computerman #4 Starring Jack Black 04:34

Computerman #4 Starring Jack Black

by bryan
4860 views, 5825 days ago

Eugene and Computerman face the rigors of outer space and the perils of show-reinvention.

TPIR: What the Hell a Computer? 00:43

TPIR: What the Hell a Computer?

by bryan
2523 views, 5787 days ago

Who really needs a computer in the old days anyway... as this contestant on The Price is Right (TPIR) asks Bob Barker what the hell she can do with a computer.

Punish your Microsoft developer 03:57

Punish your Microsoft developer

by bryan
9089 views, 5620 days ago

sounds like a terrific place to work...

Best of Future Technology 2007 06:52

Best of Future Technology 2007

by bcmoney
3479 views, 5604 days ago

COMPUTERWORLD takes a look at last year's most impressive future technologies that have yet to make it to the consumer market, including violin-playing robots and cars that don't let drivers drive ...

The Walmart Infection 01:00

The Walmart Infection

by bryan
2507 views, 5598 days ago

From 1962 through 2006, there were a whopping 3,127 Walmarts that sprang up across the United States.

This data visualization which pulls data from

Japanese Maglev, 581km/h 04:43

Japanese Maglev, 581km/h

by Greg
2727 views, 5593 days ago

If you want to know about the Japanese maglev,check this video!

iBar - largest multitouch touchscreen 03:05

iBar - largest multitouch touchscreen

by RStyles
3774 views, 5575 days ago

This is the surface of an interactive, 10 meter long bar. Every glass, cup, cellphone, car key, businesscard or even fingers will be recognized. www.i-bar.ch

Mobile Desktop 03:29

Mobile Desktop

by ImprovEverywhere
3148 views, 5569 days ago

From ImprovEverywhere, three agents entered a Starbucks one by one with their own giant desktop computer and CRT monitor rig. They bought coffee and worked at their computers as if they were laptop...

Social Networking Plain English 01:47

Social Networking Plain English

by CommonCraft
3304 views, 5557 days ago

We made this video for people who wonder why social networking sites are so popular. We think one reason is because they help to solve a real world communication problem.

Us - blimvisible 03:54

Us - blimvisible

by bryan
2944 views, 5557 days ago

multifandom metavid... set to Regina Spektor's moving song Us.

Developers 00:19


by sibichan
2555 views, 5556 days ago

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's infamous "Developers" rant...