Short Circuitz - Night Magic


Added on Dec 2, 2009

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This is the animated short Night Magic from Miramar's Imaginaria. It was also among the shorts to air as part of YTV's Short Circutz in the mid 90s. if you're wondering about the quality, there's a reason for it being rather poor. These animations were created on early computers as separate projects in the late 80s. They were then output to film or (ugh) VHS. This was then collected by Miramar who somehow edited them together into the shorts. Once that was done, it was released on VHS tape. Later on, these VHS tapes were recorded into a computer by unknown means and compressed with an obscure video compressor. The result was burned to a CD and mailed off. After that it was extracted from it's bizzare video format and converted into a more standard AVI format. Finally it was uploaded to Youtube and re-encoded in their system. That means that this short has been in 8 different lossy video formats by the time you watch it. It's a wonder you can even make out what's happening.

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