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Short Circuitz - Breaking The Ice


Added on Dec 2, 2009

Length: 02:30 | Comments: 1

The Mind's Eye: "Stanley & Stella in Breaking The Ice" (alt. name 'Love Found') Radio Shack VHS Edit 1992.Music by James Reynolds. A spectacular computer-animated odyssey through time, combined with original music. The journey begins at the dawn of civilization and moves through the rise of man and technology, on into the future, with breathtaking visual imagery. The Mind's Eye joins these stunning visuals together with a powerful, original music soundtrack, composed by James Reynolds. The upbeat, futuristic music blends perfectly with the visual themes of The Mind's Eye of emotional and technological imagery with music.

Channels: 1990s   Art & Animation  

Tags: mind's    eye    breaking    the    ice    love    found    ricbnh    computer    animation    radio    shack    ytv    cgi    stanley    and    stella 


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