Japan Debris Headed Towards US, Canadian West Coast


Added on Mar 15, 2012

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The vast field of debris from the Japanese Tohoku earthquake and tsunami that's floating towards in the Pacific ocean is due to arrive in North America soon. One analyst said: "If you put a major city through a trash grinder and sprinkle it on the water, that's what you're dealing with" (NPR). Some of the debris to hit the West Coast may also unfortunately be radioactive following the devastation at Japanese nuclear power plants. The debris field includes cars, whole houses and even severed feet in shoes.

A vast field of debris, swept out to sea following the Japan earthquake and tsunami, is floating towards the U.S. and Canadian West Coast, it has emerged. More than 200,000 buildings were washed out by the enormous waves that followed the 9.0 quake on March 11.

Scientists say the first bits of debris from Japan are due to reach the West Coast in a year's time after being carried by currents toward Washington, Oregon and California.

They will then turn toward Hawaii and back again toward Asia, circulating in what is known as the North Pacific Gyre,

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