William Shatner to Trekkies - Get A Life!


Added on May 9, 2012

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Written by Robert Smigel of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog fame, this infamous sketch is nothing short of the greatest takedown of nerds ever. What I'd like to know is exactly how much input Shatner had into its creation. Given how natural his performance is here and the fact that he later named an autobiography Get a Life!, I'm guessing a significant amount (it's easy to imagine the folks at Paramount showing this sketch to every new Trek cast member in preparation for the sorts of nonsense they would have to endure once they hit the convention circuit). While nerds enjoyed this because it hit so close to home, everyone else relished how relatable it made Shatner seem. Interesting enough, this six-minute clip says more about the human condition than the entirety of Star Trek's original run. Of course, there are many of you wonderful geeks who will argue this point with me in the comments. Which just makes this clip all the more biting, funny and true. DISCLAIMER: No copyright is claimed by re-posting of video.

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