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Yarennoka - Misaki v.s. Akiyama (2007)


Added on Jan 6, 2008

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Held on December 31st, 2007; Yarennoka! was the final show from the PRIDE FC This bout features Misaki [black] v.s. Akiyama [red] in a controversial knock-out win for Misaki that was eventually overturned on grounds that Misaki kicked Akiyama while he was downed (which would have been illegal under the new rules for this special send-off event, imposed by UFC management). So, did Misaki kick Akiyama before or after his hand/knee touched the mat? You be the judge...

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Tags: pride  yarennoka  misaki  akiyama  Dream  fight  Dreamstage  final  PrideFC  NewYear  event 


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