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Why do people call Americans stupid?


Added on Dec 4, 2008

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Well we know its not *ALL* American people, rather this seems like a leadership defecit. To be fair these questions are usually posed in a tricky way, such that the average person in any country could easily be stumped by them. They have to do that to get the right "comical" responses. Some of them are clearly straightforward and show some scary ignorance and indifference for the world at large. Either way just enjoy a funny segment by the Chaser's War on Everything and try not to get offended, its just comedy afterall!

From the original poster Grimnersmal: I don't know what´s funnier. You decide! 1.The video showing not-so-smart american people. or 2. The massive amount of americans that wish me dead via a message on youtube. Both are actually funny :) ------------------------------------- YouTube are very fond of deleting this video. Are they Americans?

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